19 September 2011

Toledo y el Metro

We went to Toledo for a day and when you go to Toledo you can either take the AVE for 18 euros round trip, or you can take the metro and then the bus.  We decided that we wanted to save a little money and to learn the Metro system.  It's confusing. :P  I live in Texas so a metro system is completely foreign to me, especially underground, but I used to go to San Diego all the time and I've ridden the tram and buses in Puerto Rico so public transportation isn't really scary for me anymore, I know that there's a learning curve, but I can usually figure it out.  

There are different levels.  This is the key to the entire idea.  Unfortunately for us, no one felt the need to explain that.  So after a lot of confusion and a lot of asking, we finally discovered this important bit of information.  So the way it works is that you go underground, you buy your ticket, and then you go to the train.  The first level is one train.  If that's the line that you're looking for then all you have to do is make sure that you're on the right side.  Being on the correct side is easier than it seems.  The lines are labeled according to the last stops and on all the walls are the all the stops that the line is going to make, so on one side they have all the stops that the line is going to hit in that direction and on the other side there are the stops in that direction.  Are you still with me?  Now, if that's not the line that you wanted, or like us, you have to go from line 3 to line 6, you have to go further underground.  That idea might be common sense for people who grew up around a subway, but for me, a little texas girl, this was quite the lightbulb.  


But alas, it was most definitely worth it.  When I can get some pictures for you I'll tell you all about Toledo, the most breathtakingly awesome town ever!  The cathedral, the walls, the views, the roads, all of it, absolutely mind-blowing if like me, you are fascinated by old things. 

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  1. What happened at the flamincio thing?! I'm really interested in that!